Women’s Empowerment Tours

Please join my friends, Karen Thomson and Alisa Clickenger (MotoAdventureGal) on an 8 day tour of some of the best roads in the Pacific Northwest this summer, from June 24 - July 2, 2011.

Between the two of them, they have hundreds of thousands of miles of solo riding experience that they want to share with women riders everywhere.

“Pulling out of your garage is the hardest part of any trip” stated Clickenger, who only recently settled down after a year and a half of traveling by motorbike. “I’ve been through all phases of fear, technological challenges, and life challenges to get on the road. I want to give back that sense of accomplishment and independence that motorcycling has given me. I look forward to the shining faces and the ‘I DID IT’ exclamations at the end of the tour.” - Alisa Clickenger.

For more details: Women's Empowerment Tour