Missing my motorcycle

It's been a week since I was last on my bike, and that was riding to work. Sadly I became too sick that day to ride home, and I haven't been riding since then. I've been battling this constant state of feeling woozy and drowsy for the last week. I get spurts of energy, like sitting at my desk for a half hour only to be incredibly sleepy afterwards. All I want to do is lay down. This is something I've been through twice before, each instance taking 2-3 weeks for me to recover. It's only been a week yet I feel like it's been 1 year. I always feel horrible when I go more than a few days without riding, and this week is no exception. I also feel horrible when I go a week without writing, and I think I've gone about a month, which is making me feel even worse! Unfortunately I had to take a full time job back in April and since then, my time to write seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Tomorrow is the first Tuesday of the month, so I'll be doing a brief segment again on the 2WheelPowerHour. I'll be revisiting helmets again to clarify some information that I incorrectly provided on the June show. I hope you'll tune in.