Plus Size Gear

Real Curves.Real Women. Real Gear.™ I've been neglecting the 'Real Curves' aspect of my website and hope that this post gives women who are looking for something beyond a size 8-10 when it comes to the real protective motorcycle gear that you need.

So on my final day at Long Beach, I decided to swing by the British Motorcycle Gear booth.  I found a couple of great options for women that I think would benefit my plus sized readers:.

1. British Motorcycle Gear - Mercury Jacket $249.00 XS-4XL I've always been curious about the fit of BMG motorcycle gear.  I know they make an amazing textile jacket, but I wasn't sure who I could recommend their jackets to. Now I know.  The Mercury is ideal for those of you who have short torsos and broader arms/shoulders.  Although I found the fit (XS) to be decent in the waist/body, the arms/shoulders were too large for me, as I'm a little narrower than this jacket wants me to be.  It's also one of the warmest jackets you'll ever find.  If you've ever shopped for a ski or snowboarding jacket, you'll notice that many of them have a 'skirt' that sits at the waist, to keep snow and wind out should you fall or crash on the slopes.  They've incorporated this wonderful feature into the Mercury (as well as most of their jackets), and it definitely makes for a snug fit around the hips.  Which would definitely come in handy on those cold winter commutes.  The silver piping is reflective around the front and back of the jacket.  At this price point, you can't beat the features that the Mercury offers you.

2. British Motorcycle Gear - Discovery Jacket $379.00 XS-4XL I tried on an XS in this model as well. It was a little too big for me, but if you're looking for a 3/4 length winter jacket, this is another great option.  The cut is generous across the shoulders and through the arms.  The lining is ridiculously warm and will provide you a really comfortable fit.

3. Tourmaster Trinity 2 $157.49 (From Revzilla.  MSRP is $174.99) XS-LPL (See the size charts on Revzilla) The sizing on the Trinity 2 is one of the most generous in all of women's gear.  Beyond an XL, it goes even higher to Sizes 16-20. The XL is ~14, and seems true to size, at least with the women that I helped in the women's center.  The fit is generous for those of you who need a little more room in the chest, shoulders and arms.  I highly recommend this jacket as a 4 season option (removable insulated liner), with the venting up the arms and on the back.

4. Cortech LRX2 $159.99 MSRP, $143.99, Revzilla XS-LPL (See the size charts on Revzilla) The LRX is another great 4 season jacket.  But this one has a fully ventilated, mesh outer shell. If you need something that will work in the hottest of summers, this would be a better option than the Trinity.  There are two full sleeve, removable liners; waterproof/windproof liner and an insulated liner. The arms are also adjustable, with adjustable snaps at the bicep and the forearm.

And if you haven't downloaded  a copy of my GearChic Guide filled with shopping tips, make sure you download it here. Happy Shopping!