Scuderia Fall Open House! Sat. Nov 7.

It's time for Scuderia's annual fall open house! Looking for gear? Just getting started and interested in buying a scooter? Maybe you've never heard of KTM or Aprilia and want to see what all the fuss is about. If you're just getting into motorcycling or scootering and you need real protective gear but don't know how to go about finding it, then you'll want to come in and see us at the open house. We'll have vendors on hand as well, to answer all your questions about the latest and greatest in protective gear.

Come in for your chance to win an Aprilia Scarabeo 100cc Scooter, among other fabulous prizes that will benefit Riders for Health, an AMAZING organization that helps those who need medical care the most in areas that can't be reached by traditional methods of transportation. Read all about what they do and how they do it here.

Other than supporting what Riders is doing, we'll also have a HUGE surprise in store, especially for those of you who are Aprilia fans. ;)

So come by for the free bbq, say hi and check out all the new gear making its way into Scuderia including but not limited to New Arai and Shoei helmets for 2010, Racer, RS Taichi and more!!