SSU Podcast, Winter Gear

Winter Time! The San Francisco Bay Area received it's first hit of winter the other day. Now, I know, we don't even have snow, or single digit temperatures. But we do have rain, especially this year which is supposed to be an El Nino Winter. Oh Joy. The idea of my poor baby sitting outside in the rain in a waterproof cover sickens me. I need a garage.

Enough about me, let's cover some winter jacket options for those of you who may need a really great textile that's going to protect you, keep you warm and function well.

1) First Gear TPG Monarch $249.99 on Closeout from Revzilla!

This one has a removable full sleeve liner that's almost like a fleece jacket. The cut is a little short, so if you have a short torso, this is a good option. It looks longer in the picture, but it's not as long as the Olympia below. It should sit right above the hips, not below.

2) Olympia AST $299.99 Along with the Monarch above, the Olympia is waterproof in the shell. The cut is a true 3/4, in that it will fall well below your hips.

3) REV'IT! Siren $299.99 The Siren has 2 full sleeve liners, one is insulated, and the other is waterproof/windproof. It's cut pretty small and narrow around the shoulders, so if you're a size 0-2, you'll need a size 34. Fantastic winter jacket, much better than my Pearl which is actually on closeout from Revzilla for $237.00.

4) BMG Adventure $279.00 Looking at the size charts, the women's extra small should fit me, as I'm a size 4 US on top. However, when I spoke to one of their representatives a while ago, he mentioned that they only run down to a size 6 US. I'm going to try and find them again at the next motorcycle show so I can try it on. With nifty features such as zip off sleeves and a removable hydration system makes this one a fantastic option for all the dual sport adventurers out there.

5) AlpineStars Stella Scout $399.95 The Stella has a removable, thermal full sleeve liner. The waterproof and breathable Drystar internal lining will keep you dry and comfortable. With a 3/4 length cut, this would be a good option if you have a long torso.