Sept 1, SSU Podcast

Bad GearChic, Bad! I forgot to post my talk from Sept 1, from SSU, all about Boots. You can listen here (9/1/09, Ep.100), or if you don't have time, here's an overview along with my recommendations for boots.

Why do you need protective motorcycle boots?

Well everything starts from the ground up, doesn't it? One lesson in riding that you've hopefully learned by now is that you start small and work your way up. It's the best way to get better, in my opinion. I would never be where I am today if it weren't for this little 50cc scooter that I started commuting to work on 6 years ago. Having a great foundation and starting point can really make a difference on your ability to ride well.

So why not start with a solid foundation by putting your foot down and wearing a real boot with traction and reinforced protection to make sure your feet are well protected in an accident?

Especially when you're "vertically challenged" like myself. I'm short and not as strong as I should be.  But wearing boots that grip the pavement give me the self confidence I need to ride freely, without self doubt.  I do worry from time to time that I'll drop the bike, but I know that I've greatly minimized that risk by wearing proper footwear.

(Prices are current as of this post on Revzilla's website)

Boot Recommendations (Basic).

Boot Recommendations (Mid to High End):

The S-MX 5 boot is a track/performance boot, but if you want something more street/touring friendly, try the S-MX 4's. The standard Vertigo's also go down to a 37 (~size 7 US) if you like those instead.  If you are wondering why the Daytonas are $400, check out my other blog posts about them as well as my review. The first pic above is me wearing one of them to demonstrate how much extra height you'll gain from these boots.