Bad Blogger, Bad and Tshirts!

It's been a slow 2 weeks. I haven't been motivated to write and wanted to make sure that I posted a little something before leaving for Orlando this weekend. (Yep, Mickey, Minnie, the whole deal).

NewEnough has Oxtar Sunray boots on sale for $129! That's a fantastic deal, as the average price in stores is about ~$160-$170. I've had a couple pairs of these boots and they're very warm, durable and super super comfortable to walk in. I easily worked 8 hours in these with no problem. They also have a Gore-Tex liner and are waterproof and will keep your feet toasty and warm. If you're looking for boots to give you an extra lift, these will help ~0.5" or so. If you need more, Daytonas are the way to go.

I'm also working on an idea to design women's moto tshirts. Not the cutesy, cheesy 'biker bitch' type of shirts with bikini clad cartoon women on the back of a motorcycle. But, something that even a woman who doesn't ride would wear. Not overtly sexual, but simple, classy and stylish. I'm working with a very talented graphic designer to come up with a couple of designs and hope to have some available by next month to purchase. My goal is to come up with a line of shirts that are going to really be representative of the sophisticated female motorcyclist. She's a modern rider, takes the sport seriously and wants to wear something that represents this kind of attitude.

But of course, is also really cute and cool to wear! I hope to post some mockups when my designer gets back to me this weekend with ideas.