I've added a new review in the Jackets section of my website, from Joanna L. in ???. I forgot to ask her where she's from. Thanks so much for adding this!
I've also added a few links to some general fit articles including what to look for in a helmet, how to fit leathers and measuring / sizing charts. I plan to write some articles myself, but I'm thinking that writing a few paragraphs on the subject is great and all, but wouldn't it be awesome if I had a couple videos showing you how leathers should fit once you try them on and what kind of things to look for when you're out there shopping for gear? You may be lucky enough to find a very knowledgeable saleswoman / salesperson who knows women's gear, but I imagine those are few and far between!

Keep checking back for updates, as I hope to shoot some short videos over the next month or two on the subject. :)