Something else.

So just for fun; I thought I would post what gear I actually have. You've seen some reviews I hope on my reviews page, but you're probably wondering what I have in my gear closet (aka hall closet where the vacuum, toilet paper, paper towels and golf clubs are stored. Yeah, I dabble in golf, but not as much as I should. We'll revisit this later).

  • Helmets:
    • Arai Quantum, XS - BEST helmet ever. It really cradles my head perfectly. I'll forever be an Arai girl. I'm going on my second Quantum one, in Silver Frost. Had to replace my head after that annoying accident in June. The foam is so soft and cushy, and willingly accepts any pair of sunglasses/eyeglasses wonderfully.
    • Icon Mainframe Kitty - Not the helmet for me. After I tried on the Quantum, I knew I had to ditch the Icon. It's just too long for my small, round head.
    • HJC CL14 - worst helmet I've ever had. Worse than the Icon. It was definitely too big for my head. And sooo heavy. If you need an inexpensive helmet in the same price range as the CL14, consider a Scorpion EXO-400 or EXO-700.
  • Gloves:
    • Racer High End - For winter and year round SF riding. I get cold easily, so I tend to wear these even when it's only mid 60's out.
    • Spidi Strada - Summer gloves and just reviewed these. See below!
    • Lookwells - I don't even know what model glove it was. It was cheap and the leather is like Pleather. A cross between vinyl and leather. The velcro started falling apart after a few months. Poor quality, in my opinion. Worked okay for awhile as a summer gloves, but I just don't trust the leather.
    • Icon Pursuit perforated - They have zero protection and are completely perforated. Not good for everyday riding, in my opinion. They are also 'shorty' gloves and don't go past your palm.
  • Jackets:
    • R'evit unisex - Not sure what model this is, either. It's a unisex jacket in XS. I really wish I needed a new one so I could pick up an Angel jacket instead! It just doesn't fit my torso as well as the Angel would. It's been a great all-weather jacket though. It's completely waterproof and has a wonderful insulated liner. Keeps me very warm and dry in the winter.
    • Dainese Ladies' Scud - Love this jacket. It's my new everyday jacket, even when it's really really hot outside. It's ventilated and perforated along the arms. I also think it keeps me cooler than my Vanson textile which has really great vented pockets/zippers everywhere. The Vanson has a lining that kind of sticks to my skin a bit and makes me sweat even more. I find that when I wear just a tank top under my leather jacket that it allows the air to flow even better up and down my arms.
    • Vanson textile - I have an older model that I bought from Scuderia West 4 years ago when I bought my first 50cc scooter. (got rid of it as soon as I discovered motorcycles!) I do love this jacket and will probably never get rid of it, but sadly it is a teeny bit big for me but I just compensate for this by wearing a hoody or something underneath. I usually whip it out before winter hits and when it's chilly out but not raining, and not cold enough for the R'evit.

Cripes, this list is long. Ok last category:

  • Pants
    • Firstgear overpants. - I tend to wear these everyday in and around the city and when I'm going somewhere I need to wear regular clothes, not high-waisted textile pants. They have a hip to toe zip and they're extremely easy to get in and out of .
    • Dainese Delta leather - These are my long distance going for rides on weekend pants. Or again, if I'm going somewhere that it doesn't matter that I'm wearing leather pants with huge knee armor sticking out. I'll be wearing these on my ride down to Southern California this weekend.

Happy riding and don't forget to wear your pants.