Another Job. New gloves.

glovesAs if I don't have enough jobs already, I've left the company that I do office work for another company doing the same thing. Because of that, I'm still working both gigs until they find a replacement! Needless to say, this has pulled me away from blogtime.

The main thing about the new job is that it's literally down the street from my house. I've gone from a 5 mile to a 1 mile commute one way. Obviously, this kills some of my riding time. Although I won't miss fighting cars down Oak Street, I will miss the riding. So even though I'm only riding 1 mile to work, that won't really change what I wear before I jump on my bike. Whether it's 1 mile , 5 miles, or 50 miles, you should still wear your riding boots, full gloves, riding jacket and full face helmet. Don't let a short ride deter you from being a safe, well protected rider.

I've also purchased a new pair of Spidi Strada gloves for summer weather riding. Will post a review as soon as I've worn them a few more times. (It's not quite summer in SF just yet. Actually, it's been downright chilly)