Wearing Riding Boots and Crashing

Yesterday I learned the real value of wearing actual riding boots, my Daytona Ladystars.

Sadly I was run into by a car that was not checking their blind spot as they lane changed into me. I was in the far right lane and this vehicle was in the lane to my left. It made contact with the left side of my gas tank (not my leg, thank god) and then forced me into the sidewalk. Luckily there was scaffolding to break my fall. I ended up lowsiding kind of, on my right. I didn't fall forward of my bike, but the front end starting wobbling and then I fell over. My right foot was pinned between the bike and the pavement. I managed to pull my leg free but if it weren't for the reinforced ankle armor/protection built into my boot, I imagine my ankle would have been broken or crushed. I always wear these boots when I ride. (Not only for safety, but for the added benefit of the additional 1" of vertical height.

The one item I didn't wear was my First Gear Overpants, which have Hiprotec knee armor. Because of that I have a bruise on my right knee which I'm sure will heal quickly. I know, I know, I should've been wearing them even though it was 80 degrees outside (which is unheard of in San Francisco). What's really annoying is my left pinky and ring finger which are bruised (from hitting the scaffolding that I ran into, I assume).

Thank god I was wearing was my FULL face helmet (Arai Quantum, best damn helmet) There's a lovely battlescar where my helmet hit and scraped the pavement along the right lower cheek and chin. I can't imagine not having that added protection. I don't think I would've been able to eat the delicious steak, potatoes and asparagus that my friends cooked up for me tonight. I was also wearing a pair of Lookwell leather gloves with a gauntlet (which I wouldn't recommend, because the velcro on them suck! But of course, I would recommend wearing all leather riding gloves). Without these, I'm sure my hands would've been bloody and f'd up. And I was also wearing my Vanson textile jacket. They say textile doesn't offer as much protection as leather. Generally, I would agree. But I think due to the type of heavy textile that Vanson used for my jacket, all that happened to it was a few white scruff marks on my right shoulder. I decided to upgrade my armor to TPro

It was rather surreal. As it was happening, I was asking myself if this was real and how could this be happening? I couldn't believe it was actually happening to me. After 4 years of good luck, I should've realize that it was bound to happen at some point. I just can't wait to get my bike back. As soon as the estimate is approved I'll get her back in a week or so, I think. In the meantime, I have my husband's Suzuki VX800. I had no idea a Vtwin could be so much fun.

I'd like to keep this story short, so the moral of this story is wear your gear and specifically, boots with real ankle protection.