Givi T470 TankBag (discontinued)


  • MSRP $72.99
  • 21 liter capacity (fully extended)
  • Produced in Lorica and 1680D Polyester (Eco-resistant simulated leather) (Vegan tank bag!)
  • Magnetic tabs to provide for adjustable fit which also hide discreetly for use as a backpack.
  • Converts to a backpack, padded back straps included.
  • Convenient side pockets for easy access to small items
  • Big zipper pulls for easy open / close-Handy reflective handle for carrying
  • Straps included and D-rings attached to magnetic tabs for non magnetic tanks
  • Sealed, rubberized zipper along the main opening
  • Clear top insert for maps, gps, etc.
  • Hidden, waterproof cell phone/gps pocket
  • Hidden waterproof cover
  • Review Date: October 2010

It can be hard to find a tankbag that fits every bike you may own. Some tanks are flat, some are tapered. Some are huge, some are tiny.  I've owned 2 Kawasakis and now I'm on a Suzuki. The tank on this one is narrower and longer than the Kawis.  Givi has come up with their own solution for this issue with the T470 and others like it in their tankbag line.

The T470 is a wonderful designed, thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing tankbag. I've never seen so many features in one before. Givi has really thought of the most useful features that a motorcyclist would need from a bag and have managed to add all of them into a sleek, sexy little bag.

I have a Cortech tribag system (tailbag + saddlebags) and tankbag.  I've taken a good 5 trips with them and have taken my tankbag everywhere. The  Cortech tankbag I have is like this one, but smaller.

My Cortech is too wide for the tank so I need something narrower or adjustable to fit my current tank.  The T470 is more rounded than a rectangular shape and also has magnetic tabs which attach to your tank, vs. the whole bottom being magnetic.

I will say that the T470 isnt a perfect fit for my tapered tank. But, it definitely works better with the adjustable tabs.  I've never had a tankbag fall off my bike, ever. Even with it fully packed and stuffed. The magnets are pretty strong and with the secure strap around the triple clamp, it's almost certain that your tankbag isnt going anywhere.   The same is true for the T470.

And if you don't have a magnetic tank, the bag comes with straps so you can use them with any tank. D-rings are strategically placed on top of each of the magnets

What I really like about this bag is the convertibility to a backpack! Hand carrying a tankbag isn't very convenient, especially when you also have a helmet, gloves and maybe your purse too. :-)  The straps (and waterproof cover) are hidden away on the underside of the bag, where the secure buckle and strap for the triple clamp are are attached.


As you can see from my photos, you can easily fit in a pair of high heels or a couple pairs of high heels. :D

Okay, not everyone has high heels to carry to and from work.  But everyone has a sweatshirt, sunglasses, wallet, sunscreen, and some casual shoes that they might want to carry.  That's probably the extent to which you can carry in this bag, if not 1 pair of overpants.  In a pinch,  I can fit my textile overpants with the bag fully extended, with maybe my clutch purse.