• AS OF 2015, DISCONTINUED. The new versions are the Summi 2s.
  • Sizes S-XL
  • My size: S
  • TPU hard-shell protection on pinky finger
  • Dual comp palm slider
  • Sure grip patches
  • TPR hard shell knuckle
  • Goatskin palms and cowhide construction
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Review Date: 2012


The non waterproof version of these gloves were discontinued last season but the waterproof version is identical, and doesn't have any insulation so would work really well as a year round glove. The fit is the same and you can't tell them apart except for the "H2O" marking on the glove.

Designed as the ultimate street glove, the Summit offers protective features such as hard shell knuckles, a palm slider and reinforced palms. Not only do they offer great protection, but they perform well under pressure.

These do not have any perforations, however the goatskin palms breathe quite well. Goatskin is incredibly soft and very forgiving. The dexterity that you get from these gloves are fantastic.

The gauntlet (wrist protection) is just long enough to fit over the sleeve of your jacket (as long as it zips or closes snugly) and not too bulky to wear under your sleeve too.

You might wonder if the extra knuckle and finger protection is too much, but that's where you're most likely to impact in an accident. I dropped my bike in a loose, gravelled parking lot while wearing these and the first thing I put on the ground were my hands. Our first instinct is to put our hands out when we fall over, it's instinctual and automatic. Of course, I didn't have a scratch on me, and neither did they. It sounds so obvious, but that's where something like a gardening or work glove will fall apart on you. Those types of gloves aren't meant to stay together in any type of accident, even a drop.

Something else that makes these gloves even more protective, is the added layer of Schoeller Keprotec, which is a strong, tear resistant material. This adds to the overall integrity of the glove, ensuring that the glove is going stay together in case of an accident

I ridden with these between the 40s with windchill at night and the 60s during the day. I've found them most comfortable in 50s-60s degree temperatures. And riding in the rain with these were also perfectly waterproof, also offering a slight layer of added insulation with the waterproof membrane. But these are not cushy or lined with additional insulation

There's no added insulation or lining in these, so they're really best suited for non freezing, non boiling temperatures. I think the sweet spot for the Summits are from 50s-60s. I was surprised at the decent windproof-ability as I've ridden on the freeway at night a few times and although my fingers were cold at the end of the ride, they weren't numb.  I think if you generally ride in mild temperatures, you'll find these to be perfect for your riding needs.

Since they do provide good street protection, I would recommend these gloves for maybe your first track day. If you planned on doing multiple track days, then check out my blog post with track glove recommendations.



Many women have long, slender wrists, narrow palms and longer fingers. Unfortunately, I am not one of those women. However, these gloves still perform well despite these fit differences.

I typically wear a small or size 6.5 glove.  The length from the wrist to the top of the palms is perfect, but the fingers were about an 1/8" too long for me. But, I was able to work around that since the extra space is used in riding position. My handgrips are pretty skinny, so when I reach my fingers around them, I can touch the tips of my thumbs. This the only reason they're not my favorite.

They took about ~75-100 miles of riding to fully break in. Remember that your gloves will only stretch in width and outward (around the palms/wrists especially), but never in length.  Everything expands a little bit to give you just a little more room.

The wrists are narrow, however. I have a hard time getting my hands in if I don't fully loosen the wrist strap. It certainly ensures a snug fit. I definitely take after my dad and have a wider palm than other women who wear the same size. Generally speaking, REV'IT gloves run a little longer and narrower than others.

One issue that many of us run into is when our wedding or engagement ring can be difficult to fit under our gloves.  I have a modest diamond on my left hand, so that wasn’t an issue for me. I do have to readjust it sometimes if it doesn’t feel right but otherwise, I have no problem doing 150-200 miles in a day while wearing these.

As with most street gloves, these are most comfortable in riding position, and are well articulated for spending a couple hundred miles wrapped around your handgrips.  I think if I had heated grips, these would work well to absorb and transfer the heat too.

If you're looking for a year round riding glove for weekend rides, commuting, trips and anything else that might come up, the Summit is a great option.