Black/White Color Shown

Black/White Color Shown


  • MSRP $269.95; black and white/black depending on which version you choose
  • Sizes: Euro 36 - 43 (~Women's US 6.5 - 10.5). My Size: 36
  • Microfiber Upper Material
  • Lateral ankle brace protection
  • Replaceable toe slider
  • 3/4 zipper with velcro adjustment
  • TPU injected shin guard, calf protector, heel counter, shift pad, ankle brace and toe slider
  • Removable insoles
  • Also available in Vented and Waterproof women's versions
  • Sample provided by for review
  • Review Date: September 2015


After having worn my Sidi Vertigos for the past 3 years I thought I would try replacing them with these SMX-6's as an alternative street boot. The Vertigos are a Euro 37 which is a half size too large for my little feet. I've also lost a bit of weight since then so I definitely need a 36 in most shoes/boots.

When most people try on Alpinestars Race style boots, the first thing they remark is how comfortable they feel, as if they're wearing sneakers. I can absolutely agree with that statement, as they do feel more comfortable than my Sidis. However, having worn them this summer in extreme heat I just didn't feel like they were breathing as well as the Vertigos. They felt a bit heavier and bulkier on my feet as well.

I did spend enough time in them to break them in as they were rather tight at first, but even after 20 minutes of wearing them around the store they felt much better. Maybe it was because I was so used to my other boots, but one thing I noticed while out riding in 80+ degree heat is how hot my shins felt, as if they weren't breathing well enough or something. I typically don't feel anything when it comes to discomfort around my feet while riding, so this stood out in my mind. If you’re looking for a summer riding boot I would definitely recommend the Vented version instead. The reason I chose this one is because I wanted something I could potentially wear year round, not just in the summertime. I’m sure my felt would’ve felt more comfortable with the vented version.

As a track level boot, I would have to argue that these aren’t as strong as a SMX Plus or Supertech-R since the SMX-6’s don’t offer full ankle support, only on the lateral (outside) side of the boot. Technically these do offer more protection than my Vertigos, and for practical reasons they are the better boot in that respect.

However, for your very first track day, these offer the minimum level of protection for what you will be doing including: Removable toe sliders, reinforced shins/heels and toes.

The zipper only goes ¾ of the way up the boot so you can fit your leather track pants inside. There’s a lot of velcro but it’s not the most secure vs. it’s more protective counterparts (SMX-Plus, Supertech-R).

I think what makes this review so hard is comparing them to what I have already. I can’t help it, I wear those every time I ride, unless it’s really cold or wet. If I had never owned a pair of Vertigos, I think these would be a clear winner. As a standalone boot I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a less expensive alternative. Especially since they’re offered in standard, vented and waterproof options! Although these aren’t waterproof, they’re certainly water resistant if you’re caught in a light rain for a quick ride.


One of the reasons I bought these was because they were available in 36. Looking back on this, I should’ve purchased a pair of SMX Plus Gore-Tex boots because then I would have a race level boot for wet / cold weather riding. When the temperatures start to drop below 50 degrees I will switch to my Daytonas because they’re much warmer in chillier temperatures. These would replace those and give me more ankle protection!

My feet are small, yet wide. The SMX-6’s fit perfectly, the toebox is a bit wider which makes them more comfortable too. I actually think they fit my foot slightly better overall. The ankle space is narrower and the instep feels shorter too. I did replace the insoles with Superfeet, which also made them more comfy overall.

The calf space is generous since the zipper stops a few inches from the top, but if you really want the widest calf space these aren’t going to offer a secure enough fit at the top once you open the velcro to accommodate your leg. They’re actually slim enough to fit just barely underneath my Revit Gear 2’s.  I’m not a huge fan of all the velcro at the top, personally. Again, totally spoiled by the Sidi’s fully adjustable calf system.

Although these do fit me very well, and are a fantastic riding boot I can't quite give up my beloved Vertigos.