Shirts are Ready

2/20/08: Update. So Blogger doesn't like my shirts. I can only think that's why they won't upload my photos. Here are direct links to the photos on my own server:

Well they're finally here. After a couple months of designing and finalizing, they're actually here! If you're looking for a different type of women's tshirt that shows your interest in motorcycles, I think this will send the right kind of message.

This is a limited edition, small run so get yours today. After this design is over, it's onto the next! The shirts are by Alternative Apparel - "Destroyed". Description from their website:

aa1073 Destroyed Tee

regular fit s/s tee with grinding at collar, sleeve, and bottom. solid colors: 100% cotton jersey, 40’s 120gsm. heathered colors: 90% cotton, 10% poly jersey, 40’s 120gsm. 1x1 rib set-in collar and hems. blind stiched hems at collar and sleeve. garment dyed and washed, no shrinkage.

I'm wearing a Medium. It's super strechy, soft and comfy. I chose this shirt because I loved the color and the feel of Alternative Apparel shirts. The neckline, hem and sleeve trims are slightly worn (click on my pics and the link above for more detailed photos). I've already washed it and it hasn't shrunk at all. They're 100% cotton

Price: $30.00, which includes free shipping (2 day priority mail).
You can mail me a check (email me and I'll send you my address) or send a payment through Paypal to bennysmom at gmail dot com.

Sizes: S, M, L and XL.

Girls Gone Geek

It doesn't seem like it, but I'm a geek. A motorcycle riding, macbook-toting, die hard mac and all things tech, geek. But I guess many women who ride motorcycles are highly intelligent and technically oriented, smart individuals, right? ;)

At the beginning of Macworld 2 weeks ago, I went to this great event hosted by the Girls Gone Geek Academy. They're a cool group of women who love all things tech and podcast about it weekly. Just do a search for them on itunes and you'll find their feed. It's free! I was lucky enough to be interviewed by them at this event to tell all I could about my website, blog and passion for riding and gear.

Who knew that at a geeky event like Macworld I'd find a fellow sportbike enthusiast named Liana. As one of the producers of GirlsGoneGeek, she also rides! I was so excited to talk motos, tech and mac with her. What more could a girl ask for? (Oh yeah, one of these).

It just goes to show that no matter where you go, there's always a 'secret' motorcyclist hiding somewhere. Even if he/she doesn't appear to be someone you might think rides. I think that's the secret beauty of women riders. We're just everyday, average women who happen to ride motorcycles. I think that's where our story lies, isn't it?

Final Tshirt Design, For Real!

After getting a few quotes for shirts, I decided to go with this color scheme (Yeah for Lo-Fi Customs!).

Something about the charcoal gray background and the extra devilish look in her eyes made me pick this color scheme. I hope everyone will like it enough to buy one :)

Hopefully they'll be finished within 2-3 weeks at the most and I'll post when they're ready to sell. I'll be only doing a short run of ~50 of this design so if you like this one, let me know. I don't know if I'll ever bring this one back after they're all gone!

Final Tshirt Design and Bras.

Finally, I have my final design completed. After a little tweaking, and here she is! It'll probably be on a black tshirt, with a crew neck and hopefully an alternative apparel tee, which are even softer than american apparel (in my opinion).

I need to get a couple more quotes for screenprinting but hopefully they'll be done by mid-February.

On another random note, I recently went bra shopping at Nordstrom's last week (which, by the way, is the best place to shop for a bra!). I had no idea that my size had changed substantially in the past few years and ended up replacing my entire collection with 4 new, snug, properly fitted bras. Upon getting myself fitted for a new bra, I noticed several similarities to shopping for gear. I guess it's like getting ready for any athletic activity, right? Whether you're cycling, playing football, soccer or anything else where you have to completely change your outfit given the circumstances.

Apparently I was wearing a size to large in chest size and 2 sizes too small in cup size. I'm not going to reveal these numbers, but if you're a guy, just ask your woman friend what this means and she'll explain it to you. Basically, I wasn't wearing a small enough size, causing my straps to constantly fall down. It's a bit snugger than I'm used to, but after a few weeks, my bras will stretch and feel looser.

When you're spending 10-12 hours a day in something like a bra, you really want it to fit perfectly. And it definitely takes seeing someone that knows what they're talking about, in terms of proper fit. Knowing what does and doesn't work for your body is so important and can make such a huge

Bad Blogger, Bad and Tshirts!

It's been a slow 2 weeks. I haven't been motivated to write and wanted to make sure that I posted a little something before leaving for Orlando this weekend. (Yep, Mickey, Minnie, the whole deal).

NewEnough has Oxtar Sunray boots on sale for $129! That's a fantastic deal, as the average price in stores is about ~$160-$170. I've had a couple pairs of these boots and they're very warm, durable and super super comfortable to walk in. I easily worked 8 hours in these with no problem. They also have a Gore-Tex liner and are waterproof and will keep your feet toasty and warm. If you're looking for boots to give you an extra lift, these will help ~0.5" or so. If you need more, Daytonas are the way to go.

I'm also working on an idea to design women's moto tshirts. Not the cutesy, cheesy 'biker bitch' type of shirts with bikini clad cartoon women on the back of a motorcycle. But, something that even a woman who doesn't ride would wear. Not overtly sexual, but simple, classy and stylish. I'm working with a very talented graphic designer to come up with a couple of designs and hope to have some available by next month to purchase. My goal is to come up with a line of shirts that are going to really be representative of the sophisticated female motorcyclist. She's a modern rider, takes the sport seriously and wants to wear something that represents this kind of attitude.

But of course, is also really cute and cool to wear! I hope to post some mockups when my designer gets back to me this weekend with ideas.